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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Why i love the open source folks :-)

Well, at least one of the reasons.

kernel.org, the central server hosting linux sources, was recently moved to a university building in Oregon (This server is the equivalent of what in Microsoft would be a maximum-security, Mission-Impossible-style "apparatus", holding the Microsoft Windows source code). This is what the people in charge had to say about the move:

Last night, Peter Anvin took master.kernel.org (hera) down and handed it off to his friend, Javier. This morning, Javier flew it up here to Corvallis in his Cessna Skylane. This is the first time the OSL has had a server hand-delivered by plane, and so we were giddy as schoolgirls.

For effect, let me translate this into what a press release from Microsoft/Sun/Oracle/etc announcing a central repository move would sound like:

On friday, Boring Corporation Inc announced they have completed a major reorganization of their core business operations, including moving the Central Repositories to a new, radiation hardened location, somewhere in the nevada desert. This move was conducted under complete secrecy and security, in consultation with the NSA. The plane used for transfer was a higher security version of Air Force One.

BCI also revealed this move will allow it to leverage its core competentcies better, enhance share holder value. Analysts expect BCI stock to rise in the coming few weeks. The server move was deliberately timed for close of business on friday to discourage any panic selling in the stock market.

The entire move cost an estimated $200 Million. This move will enhance productiivty and so allow to BCI to cut another 10,000 jobs.

I think i like the linux version better

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