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Monday, September 19, 2005

I am India

My CEO recently forwarded a poem about India he saw in a magazine some 30 years back. He clipped it and saved it. Amazing how it remains as (maybe more) true today as it was then.

I detonated a device that rocked the world.
But I have yet to shake my sleeping millions awake.

My bigotry sundered a subcontinent in two.
But I have given man his most tolerant Faiths.

I grew up unlettered and illiterate I shall die.
But I have schooled a hundred million children.

My life is a trauma of permanent hunger.
But I have created protein from sugarcane bagasse.

I perish in my thousands of cholera and typhoid.
But I have led the team which discovered aureomycin.

My industry stagnates because I will not work.
But I have leapt a hundred technological years in twenty.

I walk in the footsteps of a man called Mahatma.
But I have loved the teacher more than his teachings.

Freedom was the paradise I promised my poor.
But they halved the reward by doubling their numbers.

I was born in a palace plundered and sacked.
But I have made of the ruin the home I love called India .

I am sad.
But I am glad.
I am.

Ours is a magnificent land.
We must build a magnificent future.

Think Ahead.

Very touching. The bit about Gandhi is especially relevant in these troubled times.

I do not know who wrote this. If you know, do comment below so I can properly credit him/her.

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