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Thursday, August 18, 2005

single chip voice-over-IP and video-voice-over-IP phone design

single chip solution for VoIP and VVoIP phone needs to be developed. The solution should start off with just being VoIP and then scale up to VVoIP thru a software update, and a jump to a higher-end but code-compatible CPU/DSP.

It should be completely stand alone and should try and be compatible with Vonage, Skype, etc. Should have SiP, etc built in. This means it should run one each of:

  1. Linux
  2. TCP/IP stack
  3. SiP stack
  4. DHCP
  5. Audio Decoder
  6. Audio Encoder
  7. (later) Video Decoder
  8. (later) Video Encoder
  9. Audio input port driver
  10. Audio output port driver
  11. Video input port driver
  12. Video output port driver
  13. Ethernet port and driver.
  14. USB port and driver (in case user doesnt want to provide an ethernet hub)
Considerations for architecture include:

  1. TI C64X DSPs: Good for audio/video, but expensive, and do not run linux well. Have very high end audio/video ports, so saves logic there.
  2. ARM/XSCALE: run linux very well, but not so great on audio/video codecs.
  3. Blackfin: Runs linux, seems to be great for Audio/Video. Multi core available, so scale up to video should be possible.
  4. Trimedia: not a very open archtecture. Tough to judge.
  5. ST Spear: more details needed. May be extremely suitable for this application. Has an ARM, so linux is available. The FPGA fabric can help a lot in accelerating audio/video.
  6. Pure FPGA: Running Linux would consume a lot of resources, but would really work well for audio/video. Expensive to develop.

Update 1: Wireless (802.11x) needs to be included in the feature set as an optiona upgrade.
Update 2: BORSCHT support is needed - Battery feed, Overvoltage support, integrated Ringing, line Supervision, Codec, Hybrid(2w/4w), Test


  1. Update with more thoughts,
  2. create a white paper with top-level designs for atleast some (if not all) of the above options.
  3. define feature set.

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