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Thursday, August 18, 2005


I have been trying to figure out an implmentation of the GZIP "deflate" algorithm inside an FPGA. I am not really an RTL expert, so this is even more challenging than normal for me. It needs to be high end and very efficient (and while i am making rediculous demans, i need a billion dollars, too :P )

deflate comprises of LZ77 (which is a string matching compression) followed by static/dynamic huffman (which is a form of entropy coding). Dynamic huffman is a problem in itself, but for now, i have decided to stick with static huffman. My main issue is with doing LZ77 searching inside an FPGA. I need to be able to take an input character atleast once every clock cycle (or two).

So post here any links, comments, issues etc related to this issue. I will be building this up as a link bank.

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